William Grzebyk


Choice Homes PDX

1201 NE Lloyd blvd #115, Portland, OR 97232

The Will you need in Real Estate

William's experience in real estate has taught him the importance of focusing on each client's specific needs are crucial and essential to every transaction. Whether it is an investor looking for the highest return on investment, empty nesters looking to downsize into their final home or the first time home buyer eager, yet unsure of where to start, William finds that every clients needs are different. It's the same with sellers, too. Not every house is the same and should be marketed appropriately. A 50 acre tree farm is not the same as a 2 bedroom bungalow in inner SE Portland. William knows that marketing correctly is key to getting your home sold quickly for top dollar. Understanding your needs is his goal and highest priority because when your needs are met and understood, buying or selling a house not only becomes streamlined, it becomes fun! However unique your expectations may be, William is happy to help and would love to chat and understand more about how to ensure your home buying experience will exceed all of your expectations. 


William knows what it feels like to rent, he lived in 10 different houses in 10 years when he was growing up. He never lived in a home that his family owned. He didn't even know what ESCROW was before he got into the real estate business. It was tough moving from rental to rental but that's where he learned the value of owning your own home and that's why he is in this business, to spread that value to great people like you.


Now, we have sites like Zillow and Redfin for us to browse and while this may give us the basic tools and knowledge, it doesn't give us the whole picture. You still need a professional broker to help guide you through the process, make sure your needs are met and to represent and negotiate for you. It's about making the home buying and selling process streamlined, worry free and fun! Many brokers can accomplish this but what most can't is the expert marketing you deserve. Marketing is something William specializes in. He works at the largest brokerage in the PDX area with 1,000 different brokers, 9 different locations, countless resources and let's not forget his own website. Everyday, potential sellers are actively searching for him to help them and then in return he is actively helping his potential buyers connect with them. 


Over the past 3 years, William has sold over 18 million dollars in real estate from Newberg to Sandy to St Helens. He values the importance of keeping up with market trends throughout the NW Oregon region and considers it his job to impart this knowledge with anyone who has an interest in the real estate market. He is passionate is to help and guide all clients through each real estate transaction. In other words, he finds it his duty to make sure every client is satisfied with their sale or purchase because he understands this is a people business. His passion stems from knowing you have confidence in him helping you through this process. No request is too small and his tireless work ethic is apparent from your first meeting with him.